"Since it’s debut on iTunes on July 14, the full season of MOJO HD’s Wall Street Warriors, season #1 and #2 have been the number one and number two most downloaded reality series." – Daily Marauder



“Wall Street Crisis as a Reality Show”

November 2, 2008 (print addition)

The producers of the reality TV series “Wall Street Warriors” find themselves in a case of life imitating life…”



THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Nov 3,2008 (print addition)


"…a gripping, important documentary…"

GAWKER: Oct 30, 08

"The producers have been filming a third season since April, and their cameras have caught all the drama of the bank closings and stock market crashes that have plagued us…"


"… a new kind of American Idol."

DealBook - WALL STREET TV - October 18, 2006


"Junior Barons go High-Definition"

October 22, 2006 (Print Edition)

"Wall Street Warriors follows Mr. Sykes and a dozen other modern-day Batemans through the colorful world of high finance. The result is a devastating study of extravagance, aspiration and inanity – a bonfire of the vain."


"Wall Street’s Vanishing Warriors"

MarketBeat: "Wall Street's Vanishing Warriors" - January 25, 2008


“Real World meets Wall Street”

NPR Radio Segment - "Can Wall Street drama get it’s MOJO on?" - January 24, 2008


"Wall Street TV Show Cruelly Reminds Us Of How It Used to Be" - October 7, 2008


"Sandisk Takes Down Wall St Warriors" - January 28, 2008

…"aggressive retail brokers showcased in the season’s Wall Street Warriors"


Three Rules: Motion Detectors: - October, 2008

"SMB Capital….got a significant boost from being featured in the most recent season of HDTV’s Wall Street Warriors"


Network Blog

Network Forum - Fan Blog for WALL STREET WARRIORS




This is the #1 site for day traders and short-term investors; it contains the most popular blog for Wall Street Warriors, containing over 300 pages of posts.


Season 2 of "Wall Street Warriors" - January 22, 2008

"This 10-part documentary series profiles six driven financial investors, fiercely battling to generate as much money as possible while worldwide markets vacillate…these ‘players’ are driven to win"


Wall Street Warriors - February 9, 2008

"The tagline for the series is Legalized Gambling at its Finest – which gives you a big clue on how substantative and educational this series will be…you get a mix of basic Wall Street history and a glimpse of various occupations which revolve around the financial markets."


DEALBREAKER Blog - Wall Street Warriors - April 15, 2008

"If the first episode of Wall Street Warriors knocked your socks off, hold on to your pants, because episode two is like the A.D. to episode one’s B.C."


James Cameron talks about the “THE MARS UNDERGROUND”:

"This film captures the spirit of Mars pioneers who refuse to let their dreams be put on hold by a slumbering space program. Their passionate urge to walk the soil of an alien world is infectious and inspirational. This film is the manifesto of the new space revolution." - James Cameron (Director of Titanic, Aliens)



"A brilliantly laid out process to get mankind to Mars in our lifetime... although the scientist is over zuborous, but then again, he loves and believes his solution to mankind on Mars in the near future! For those space enthusiasts, this is a MUST see... the animation sequences are extremely well done!!!" – no1bigfoot


"Mars aboveground" - Dwayne A. Day - August 7, 2006

"Filmmaker Scott Gill has accurately captured the appealing aspects of Zubrin’s message in a new documentary, The Mars Underground.

The Mars Underground has excellent production values, including an original soundtrack and some nice cinematography. It also has top-quality computer graphics equal to the best seen in television documentaries today. The computer animations depict a human mission to Mars as well as the growth of a Mars colony and eventual terraforming of the planet... it’s a quality documentary that does a better job explaining both an activist space agenda and possible future human exploration than virtually anything shown on television to date."



"Mars Direct is a wicked concept, I wish Robert Zubrin was head of NASA, but the Moon mission in 2015 will be exciting enough I suppose." - swsimmons





"Shot in High Definition, THE MARS UNDERGROUND is a landmark documentary that brings to life Zubrin's vision through state-of-theart 3D animation, and gives us glimpses into the future of man's habitation on Mars."



"The opening to the documentary THE MARS UNDERGROUND rivals with the best science fiction sfx Hollywood has to offer. This documentary is a must see for anybody interested in space, NASA, and anyone who works outside the system to realize a dreams.

There are so many moments in this documentary that are thought provoking it is hard not to want to pause and talk about it."


"The Woodstock of Mars" - Tom Hill - August 15, 2005

"At the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in May in Washington DC, Dr. Robert Zubrin, president of The Mars Society, gave a well-received speech about his favorite topic and invited all attendees to that group’s eighth conference in Boulder Colorado.

Friday evening included a prescreening of the documentary The Mars Underground, produced by Ocule Entertainment. The film is essentially a well-produced film-based version of Robert Zubrin’s book The Case for Mars, featuring interviews with Zubrin, David Baker (an early partner in the Mars Direct mission architecture), and Chris McKay (a founder of the seminar series at The University of Colorado at Boulder called The Case for Mars, precursor to The Mars Society and namesake of Zubrin’s book), with occasional counterpoint interviews thrown in with some NASA officials.”



"A landmark documentary about renowned aerospace scientist and visionary Dr. Robert Zubrin…a great glimpse of our future as a space faring species." - FILMIST

"…this documentary really gave me insight into the history and primary concepts of the argument for Mars that I never really knew before." – Zor Prime



"I just watched this on the Science HD channel. Good god…it was incredible" – jleack

"I hope we terraform Mars and plant huge ecosystems" – HAL11000



"Listen closely - it's out of this world" - Hae Jung Shin - November 15, 2006

Wind ensemble to open its season with a live score to the film ‘The Mars Underground’:
“The concept for this live performance initially began with the ambitions of James Dooley, who composed the film score for “The Mars Underground,” a documentary that deeply explores aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin’s vision of a manned expedition to Mars.

Dooley, who has previously worked with renowned film composer Hans Zimmer on several box-office hits, including “Pirates of The Caribbean,” “Hannibal” and the Dreamworks Animation film "Madagascar," decided to take on “The Mars Underground” as a bit of a pet project, hoping to have the artistic freedom a large studio production often does not allow for.

"There’s different value to be found in different projects," Dooley said. "Some you do for experience, some for clients, some for financial reasons, and some you just choose to do because you are personally attached and personally very interested and involved. This film was one of those."



"Composer James Michael Dooley was asked if he would provide the musical backdrop for the documentary and embarked along with the director and producers in this labor of love. Musically, the end result certainly communicates at least a portion of the love poured into the project. James Michael Dooley takes the score in a minimalist direction. Ironically, for a minimalist score, there's quite a bit to appreciate.

Even if you are not able to attend a live performance or even see the film, THE MARS UNDERGROUND is worth a thorough listen."